Personal website, utilized as landing page, overview, as well as general link distribution


This website is build using Hugo with the hugo-coder theme. The entire page is build using GitHub Actions and hosted via GitHub Pages.

Previous versions

There were various other iterations of my website through the years.

Here is a short timeline:

YearHostingFrameworkWhy I Moved away from that
2022 -GitHub PagesHugo/
2021 - 2022GCP App EngineReactImprove performance, less JavaScript
2020 - 2021GCP Compute EngineBootstrapNo longer free for public hosting
2018 - 2020Raspberry Pi with nginxBootstrapWanted to try cloud
2016 - 2018GitHub Pages/Wanted to tinker with Raspberry Pi


See the GitHub project timmeinerzhagen/timmeinerzhagen.com.